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Ulticolour Paving (Formally Mastertint) | By Terra Paving

An amazing decorative Asphalt finish, it ensures quality visual impact and area division, ideal for Car Parks, Schools and Industrial areas.

What is Tarmac Ulticolour? (Formally Mastertint)

Ulticolour (Mastertint) is a coloured tarmac range that's both aesthetically pleasing and can practically mark out important boundaries such as bus and cycle lanes and pedestrian areas. It is an excellent solution for both commercial and residential environment.

Ulticolour (Mastertint) is aesthetically appealing and offers all the functional qualities of conventional asphalt, making it the ultimate choice for highway, residential and pedestrian surfacing.


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Clear synthetic binder

AsUlticolour (Mastertint) uses an innovative clear synthetic binder, it offers the functional qualities of conventional asphalt in a range of attractive colours and surface textures. The innovative clear binder is also known as Mexphalte C. See more information on Mexphalte on the Shell website (opens in new window).

Coloured Asphalt an alternative to resin bound surfaces
The natural choice for architects and planners, it's a viable alternative to concrete modular systems and can be installed in hours. Coloured asphalt is a particularly good alternative to resin bound surfaces as Ulticolour (Mastertint) is a more durable, flexible and cost effective solution.

Ulticolour (Mastertint) requires little maintenance and provides a smooth, safe surface for pedestrians.


Ulticolour Benefits

Colour doesn't fade: What sets Ulticolour (Mastertint) aside is that we use a complementary aggregate and pigment which means that the colour is retained through the product and will never be lost. Colour does not fade with wear and tear.

Distinctive: Offers a distinctive coloured asphalt range utilising clear binder and complimentary aggregates.

Permeable option: Tarmac offers the option of Ulticolour (Mastertint) Porous - a coloured asphalt designed to soak away the water. See TarmacDry

A functional asphalt: Offers all the functional qualities of a conventional asphalt.

Colours bespoke to you: Available in a range of colours to match your needs.

Quick and easy installation: No additional installation methods required compared to conventional. Mastertint can often be laid over an existing surface.

Low maintenance: A great alternative to painted asphalt and blocks and weed free.

Long lasting: Structurally designed for a long life,Ulticolour (Mastertint) is both durable and hardwearing.

Attractive: Aesthetically pleasing.

Smooth surface: Ulticolour (Mastertint), as well as being used on trafficked areas, is perfect for pedestrian areas and those using pushchairs, wheelchairs and bicycles.

Cost effective: Long-lasting, a durable, and economic alternative to concrete pavers and blocks.

Controlled manufacture: Tarmac has a bespoke plant dedicated to producing and supplying Ulticolour (Mastertint). It has been a recognised product for over ten years.

Terra Paving has been trading for over 10 years, during this time we have developed a reputation for quality and reliability. Above all, we are able to supply our services across East Anglia, this includes; Norfolk, Suffolk, Cambridgeshire & Lincolnshire.

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